About Tipubon

About us

Tipubon International Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 with the objective of producing Thai Jasmine Rice starting from growing, harvesting and using modern post-harvest technology. From this process, TIPUBON RICE came into existence. We expect that TIPUBON Rice will help improve our Thai consumers’ healthy lifestyle and eventually gain recognition that is worthy for export to the global market.

Tipubon Rice has the highest quality of deliciously sweet and fragrant Jasmine Rice that underwent organic farming and is free from pesticides, chemical substances or any toxic substances throughout the production process.  Therefore, this rice is not only appetizing to the consumers, but is rich in nutrients as well. To obtain the Tipubon Rice, we started by surveying the most suitable location for farming, taking into consideration the natural substances or natural fertilizers needed to produce rice. Other key processes include the selection of seeds, identification of irrigation control system, projection of suitable time and period for rice production to get adequate sunlight and natural wind, and the implementation of post-harvest technology. All our staff are contributing in all production processes with love and care in order to yield the deliciously sweet and fragrant Jasmine Rice for our beloved consumers.  This is the rice that Thai culture will respect and will be considered as “Mae Phosop” or “Mother of Rice” that feeds mankind to survive.

Rice is the staple food of several Asian countries and other regions, or more than half of the world’s population. Rice alone cannot satisfy the consumers for there must be a complementary dish to complete a meal. With this reason, Tipubon International Co. Ltd. created various Thai food product lines to cater to different modern-day lifestyles – people living in the city who are always in a hurry, as well as foreigners who love Thai cuisine from World Kitchen, Thailand and Tipubon.  Ultimately, all products under the Tipubon brand are guaranteed to have the best quality and have met international standards for export. All products are rich in nutrients and even tastier like your mom’s cooking. All products are made from high quality raw materials with love.