Tipubon Quality Management (TQM)

About Tipubon

Thip Ubon International Co., Ltd. has adopted the concept of quality work in every step called Total Quality Management (TQM) to instill in employees their thinking and working efficiency and effectiveness. The TQM concept used by the Company is PDCA : Plan – Do-Check – Act Commitment to action plan Regularly surveying / monitoring and reviewing. Customer Focus (Focusing on internal customers. Fact Base (Dispersion, Disclosure, Disclosure, Disclosure, Disclosure, Disclosure, Disclosure and Disclosure) and Process Oriented.

In working with TQM, in addition to the five TQM concepts, we also need to use other tools to help with other tasks such as 7 QC Tools, Kaizen, Total Productivity Management (TPm). Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Performance Analysis and Control (PAC), Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA) etc.

TQM’s work culture improves employee productivity. To be systematic, scientific, have a source and link clearly (Logic & Linkage) at all stages of the work. Make sure that Thip Ubon international It can deliver the best products and services to customers. Total Productivity Management (TPm) World Class Manufacturing (WCM)

Tipubon  Quality Management (TQM)

Management standards that focus on food quality and safety. Performs strict monitoring and control in accordance with international food safety standards and can be monitored 24 hours a day (24/7) throughout Thip Ubon’s food chain. international To ensure that all steps are of quality and safety standards, the five main components are:

1. Food Safety

The heart of food production. Tipubon Food Products international It is thoroughly checked every step. To ensure the safety of pesticide residues, harmful micro-organisms. And other foreign objects that could harm the health of consumers.

2. Food Quality

Tipubon International Commit to produce high quality food for customers. This is due to the intensive and continuous dedication of research and development by a team of experts. To ensure that the products and services of Thip Ubon. international Meet the needs of customers

3. Resources Welfare

Tipubon International Have a policy of support Promoting quality raw materials from quality rice fields under controlled cultivation processes in accordance with the standards. Meat and meat raw materials are selected from a standardized production base and raise standards of animal husbandry and treatment.

4. Service Excellence

Establishing good relationships with customers is a very important element in a business strategy. The relationship between Tipubon international With customers, it is not just “Sellers – Buyers”, but Tipubon International We aim to offer the best products and services. For better quality of life and health.

5. Corporate Social Responsibility

Tipubon International Always realizes Social responsibility is the backbone of business. Environmental impacts are managed to sustain the environment, community and society through social activities, to continuously improve the quality of life of people involved.