Vision / Mission / Values

About Tipubon


Tipubon International Co., Ltd. focuses on ready-to-eat rice and ready-to-eat foods. With organic farming guidelines Under the production process, focus on quality and international standards. To promote human health


  • Produce the highest quality products and standards under the Tipubon brand to maximize the satisfaction of partners and consumers.
  • Product development And production process Continuing with the research and development process.
  • Build a business network to the region. And to become a global manufacturer of instant foods.
  • Developing people continuously at all levels of the company.
  • Long-term mutual benefits to customers, partners, employees, joint ventures and shareholders.



In the agro-industrial and food-processing industry, using the TQM concept to acquire skill, expertise, knowledge and expertise.


Be sincere, transparent and adhere to business ethics.


Focus on the involvement of all stakeholders.

New ideas

Dare to innovate, innovate, innovate And improve the process.

Pursue quality

Pay close attention to every detail of the management process.