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TIP UBON organically manufactures and develops Thai jasmine rice in accordance with both Thai and international standards. We have potential in global marketing with these certifications we have obtained, which are as follows:

Organic Farming Standards

Organic farming is farming in which no chemicals are used throughout the process: cultivating, producing, and packaging. Since quality assurance is our top priority in the production process, we have applied for the seal of approval from the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. We also receive the product certification mark “Organic Thailand”, making us the first company in Thailand that is a pioneer in organic jasmine rice product manufacturing.

International Standard

The company has obtained certifications from international organizations in the fields of production quality and food products in order to ensure our customers’ trust in us. The certified standards are as follows:

  • European Union Organic Certification (EU)
  • National Organic Program (NOP) by United State Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  • GMP CODEX (Good Manufacturing Practice, Certified by SGS Thailand Limited)
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, Certified by SGS Thailand Limited)
  • HALAL (HALAL Certificate, Certified by The Central Islamic Council of Thailand)
Packaging standard

TIP UBON’s packaging is thoroughly standardized to preserve the high-quality food for our customers. Hence, the food is fresh and sterilized. Our cans are made of steel sheets covered with thin plastic on both sides. The cans are imported from Japan. They are long-lasting and will not be eroded by lactic acid in foods. As a result, both the food’s taste and smell remain unchanged.

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