HACCP Standard

Tipubon Standard

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) Is a hazard analysis Critical control point Is a concept about preventive measures. That may occur at each stage of any activity. With a science-driven process. Is to study the danger Find a way to protect yourself in advance, and have control and surveillance to make sure. Prevention measures are always effective. The origin of the HACCP concept change as a food industry practice. It has been in existence since 1959 by Pilsbury in the United States. System requirements That can be used to build confidence in the safety of food production for astronauts. In the project of NASA Of the United States

The process of making HACCP system is 12 steps

  1. Preparation work
  2. Product definition
  3. Determining product use objectives
  4. Process mapping
  5. Verification of production chart accuracy
  6. Hazard Analysis
  7. Critical Control Points
  8. Critical configuration at Critical Control Points
  9. Set up surveillance and monitoring measures.
  10. Set corrective measures.
  11. System performance review
  12. Create and save data.