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TIPUBON’s goal is to continuously improve manufacturing practices for the benefit of our clients.
The food that comes out of our factory has been subjected to thorough quality control
and has passed international standards so that it can be enjoyed by families worldwide.

TIP UBON’s goal is to continuously improve manufacturing practices for the benefit of our clients. The food that comes out of our factory has been subjected to thorough quality control and has passed international standards so that it can be enjoyed by families worldwide.

Our Story of TIPUBON

The TIPUBON International Company was founded in 2003. We are committed to developing Thai jasmine rice for the highest quality and benefits, using cutting-edge technology and adhering to international standards, from planting to harvesting, all the way to the final product marketed under the brand name “Khao Tip Ubon.” We offer the most aromatic, delicious, and convenient rice to consumers.

Our products are free of harmful chemicals as a result of our organic farming practices. The product is USDA-certified organic, guaranteeing that “every product, every taste, is full of nutritional value and as delicious as a mother’s hand, which is food made with quality ingredients and love.”



There is no doubt that this is organic rice because of the certification. Both white and brown rice are available, along with Jasmine rice, brown rice, riceberry rice, red rice, and whole grain rice are just a few of the many varieties of rice available. Green fried rice, among other Thai specialties, is also available for your dining pleasure. Different types of dishes as well as Massaman, Panang, and Basil, Green curry, Rice soup, Papaya salad and so on.

Those who choose not to consume animal products(Vegan). The cuisine of Pommali is sure to satisfy your taste buds with dishes like chickpea basil, chickpeas with black pepper, green curry with chickpeas, red curry with chickpeas, chickpea panang curry, chickpea massaman curry, abalone congee, grain porridge, and many more.

Dhevarice rice is delicious throughout a vast selection of high-caliber, ready-to-eat options 

Products made with Dhevarice rice are ready to eat in minutes and don’t require a microwave. Jasmine rice, brown rice, riceberry rice, red rice, grain rice, and glutinous rice are just some of the many varieties of rice available. In addition, you have your pick from four different rice blends: brown rice, white rice, quinoa rice, whole grain rice, and rice with a wider variety of beans.

Our service Service is First Priority

Private labels

TIPUBON ‘s research and development (R&D) staff are industry veterans with extensive experience in the manufacture of packaged foods. We offer a diverse selection of ready-to-eat meals, curries, condiments, and more. All made possible by cutting-edge technology that allows us to customize the recipe to each individual customer.

From the moment you first contact us until the moment we hand over the finished product, our team will be there every step of the way to ensure your satisfaction, high standards, and perfect for your company’s image. Peace of mind is priceless and you can come to us for a customized consultation and production estimate.

Our service

As part of the steps leading up to production, we will discussion with potential customers and learn more about their wants and needs in terms of product category, price point, and distribution channel. To better meet the needs of your company, we also offer comprehensive research and development (R&D) and consulting services.

Start the process of product research and development with the steps below:

  • Invite brand owners to sample products in each development cycle.
  • Provide a summary of all product information and all production standards.
  • Set expenses
  • Choose packaging
  • Prepare for production

The first step in this production is to set a start date for production and an arrival date for the goods. After the product has been received, the next step is to examine it. Finally, the products are packaged and ready for distribution.

When you need help after a purchase, you can always reach out to our support staff. If you need to know in which production lot a certain item was included, we offer services to help you with that. Inquiring minds want to know: what kind of raw materials do you employ? How exactly does the processing work? to a method of distributing goods to customers where their whereabouts can be tracked in detail Furthermore, we offer new product development planning services to help you bring your ideas to life

Our Clients

News & Activities

Assistance to the victims of Sakon Nakhon’s devastating floods of the past four decades.

At the end of July 2017, the province of Sakon Nakhon in Thailand experienced the worst flooding in forty years. On July 31, 2017, in response to Tropical Storm Senka, TIP UBON International Co., Ltd. and numerous other organizations donated 39,840 cans of “Pommali” and “Dhevarice” ready-to-eat rice to the victims of the devastating flooding in Sakon Nakhon.

Providing assistance to the victims of the Nepal earthquake

As a result of the recent earthquake in Nepal, TIPUBON International Co., Ltd. has donated 48,000 cans of ready-to-eat rice under the brands “Pommali” and “Dhevarice” with a total value of 864,000 baht to those in need. Beginning with the 7.9-magnitude quake that struck Thailand on 2 May 2015 and continuing through the Thai Missionary Crisis.

Welcomed Guest from NSTB, Nepal

On July 4, 2017, Tipubon International Co. Ltd. was selected by the Office of the Vocational Education Commission (OVEC), Ministry of Education to be one of the organizations and institutions to be visited by the Officials from National Skill Testing Board (NSTB), Nepal for benchmarking with OVEC.

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